Trap Door Escape Room Now Has 2 Locations!

Experience the thrilling “Cure Z”  in Red Bank, NJ or visit our brand new Morristown location and play the brand new “Witch Hunt” theme!


EscapeClues.com, the leader in Escape Room reviews, gave Trap Door Escape Room a 10 in their Cure Z review!

Cure Z by Trap Door Escape Room not only met my expectations, but left me baffled and saying to myself ‘what in the hell did I just experience?’ hours after, as I could not believe what I had just done. ” – Jos-B (Creator of EscapeClues.com) Check out the Full Review Here!


This Escape Room is not limited to the confines of the physical location. Our story uses alternate reality gaming concepts to infiltrate your life, as challenges begin before you even arrive, and may continue after your departure as well. Bring family, friends, kids, grandparents, anyone who you want to experience the thrilling adventure of Escape Rooms. Anyone can enjoy the fun in coming together and escaping. Put yourself right into your favorite action movie or book, you are your own character in this story.

Although Trap Door has only been open for a little more than six months we have gained a various amount of clientele from all walks of life. It truly appears that everyone loves a good mystery. What we have learned is that our clients love our Escape Room because it offers a story. Instead of taking a random theme and placing some puzzles within, we truly think about the characters we create. We want it to be like you are walking into a scene of a movie. The creators at Trap Door come from a creative background and want to give each patron a special experience they will never forget. We pride ourselves in creating the best possible game, that is challenging and engaging.

In the past, Escape the Architect only had a 6% success rate. Something we were very proud of. We love that our games are hard because we want to place everyone on an even playing field. Once someone does escape, it is a true accomplishment. The best part about our escape room is that any person could beat it. There is nothing that has trivia, intense math, or even crazy physical challenges. Each theme is created equal, as in, anyone on any level of intelligence can beat the game. For most escape rooms, including ours, to be able to beat it you have to be perceptive, you have to be able to communicate, and you have to get into your role. If you can achieve these you will escape!

Also, have a scaredy cat in your group? Don’t worry! At Trap Door we try to accommodate everyone that comes through our doors. If you have a worry about one of your group members just let us know before hand. We will try to cater each experience as much as we can. Now remember, smaller groups may be paired together with others. So we have to make sure each group gets the best experience.



Before you Buy


  • Reserve your spot! All tickets must be purchased before entering the game, we cannot reserve spots. Remember all sales are final.
  • If you are a smaller group is is very possible you will be mixed in with other people. The maximum slot allowance is the amount of tickets that can be sold for that experience. Therefore, if you book five slots for a game that has ten slots, those other five slots are available for purchase still.
  • Arrive 15 minutes early and enjoy some atmosphere in the waiting room. You will need to go through some instructions before beginning the escape room attraction.
  • You must be capable of staying on your feet for the 60-minute time limit.
  • Wear comfortable clothes that you are not afraid to get a little rough in. You may find yourself kneeling or crawling to find a clue.
  • Absolutely NO photography or videography is permitted within the escape room. We are watching from our control room and you will be removed without a refund.
  • No eating or drinking is allowed inside the escape room.
  • Do Not Consume Alcohol or any Illegal Substances before attending a Trap Door Escape Game. Bad Behavior will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the experience with no refund as well as charges for broken items and labor of repairs.


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